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Solid timber furniture is manufactured in all styles to meet every client's needs.

Rhodes Furniture of Distinction is well known for custom made furniture that is both unique and well made.

Whether you have an idea in mind or photos that you would like copied, I can build you a piece of furniture that will look stunning and last for generations to come.

If you are unsure of what you would like, I can assist with ideas that suit your unique taste.


With the advent of kitset furniture, the art of

wood-carving has sadly almost disappeared.

As a master carver, I specialise in creating intricate carvings for a variety of pieces.

From leaves and vines to family crests and everything in between, I have the ability to create something truly beautiful that has that special meaning to you or your family.

Thanks to years of experience, I can discuss your interests and come up with a beautiful design that incorporates everything that is special to you.

​Furniture Restoration​

That piece of antique furniture that has been sitting in your basement for the last few decades might look a bit shabby at the moment but once I have finished with it, you will be moving it into the living room for pride of place.

Don't leave those special pieces of furniture rotting away, give them a new lease of life with the help of my expertise in restoration.

This service includes stripping off old paint and polish back to the timbers natural state.  

Once the paint and polish has been removed, I will go on to treat borer, replace damaged parts and stain and re-polish the furniture.

Thanks to my experience working with antique furniture, I understand which fittings suit your unique piece of furniture and will source the perfect pieces to fit in with the era that your piece of furniture was made in.

What was worth nothing to you before could be worth a mint both emotionally and materially once it has been refurbished.

Just like that beloved family member, antiques deserve to be treated with respect and I always give that added care and attention needed to return a tired piece of furniture to its former glory.

Coach Building

As an experienced coach builder, I can refurbish and build Vintage car wooden structural frames.

This service provides for the replacement and repair of any rotten or borer infested parts and includes the total rebuild and fitting of the wooden frame on any make of car.

I will also repair and re-polish any internal trim panels and dash panels to suit the age and model of the car that I am refurbishing.

Don't leave building your car to chance, I have the expertise and understanding to recreate your broken down vintage car to its former glory.

A vintage car enthusiast, I will treat your car with the respect I would treat my own car.


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